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Jamie Benn and his sleeve and hand tattoo <3 

Jamie Benn and his sleeve and hand tattoo <3 


i cant tell if im laughing because he’s the funniest man ever or crying because we’ll never have this again

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Jamie McGinn and Ryan O’Reilly do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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hair (⊙‿⊙✿)


Can someone please tell me if the four pictures that twitter user @JellyStrength put up. Is the last one the black and white one Jamie Benn. Bc if it is am I the only one that think it looks like he has a full sleeve now? And if he does when the fuck did that happen?!
I’m so confused and lost someone please help tell me something.

It’s Jamie and yes he has a full sleeve now.

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i cant believe ryan o’reilly didnt get an award for being the most lumberjack looking hot guy in the NHL.


dear god i hope jamie benn gets a full tattoo sleeve 

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